Shayna Lee Crowned Miss San Luis Obispo County

Shayna Lee is the new Miss San Luis Obispo County
Will compete for the title of Miss California in June

San Luis Obispo, CA- April 4, 2018--The Miss San Luis Obispo County Scholarship Association is pleased to announce the appointment of Shayna Lee to the title of Miss San Luis Obispo County. Lee, a 22 year old Cal Poly Mechanical Engineering Junior, performed a monologue for her talent and her personal platform is “Women in STEM.”

"I feel very excited about taking on the role of Miss San Luis Obispo County,” said Lee. “I am looking forward to meeting more of the amazing individuals that live here, spreading my platform of Empowering Women in STEM, and proudly representing San Luis Obispo County at the Miss California competition. I am most looking forward to serving this community and being the best Miss San Luis Obispo County I can be!"

Shayna will join 52 other young women to compete for the title of Miss California on June 30, 2018,  in Fresno.

“We are excited to welcome Shayna as our new Miss San Luis Obispo County,” said MSLOCSA Executive Director Ruth Wickham. “We look forward to preparing her for the Miss California competition this summer, as well as supporting her involvement in our local community.”

Morghan Heim, crowned Miss San Luis Obispo County on February 3, 2018, recently resigned her title to focus on school and other priorities. MSLOCSA wishes her the best in all her future pursuits.

About The Miss San Luis Obispo County Scholarship Association

A federally recognized 501(c)(3) Organization, The Miss San Luis Obispo County competition is a preliminary to the Miss California and Miss America Organizations that strives to provide scholarship funds, community service opportunities, and professional development to the young women of San Luis Obispo County. Learn more by visiting

Media Inquiries:
Ruth Wickham
MSLOCSA Executive Director
(831) 332-8512

5 Questions with Miss Iowa Chelsea Dubczack


How long have you been competing in the Miss America Organization? Tell us a little bit about your experience!

I started competing as a Teen at the age of 15. Since then, I have participated in 13 Miss America Organization competitions. I have earned four titles, two first runner up placements, and several other runner up positions and awards. Each experience has truly contributed to the person I am today, and will continue to influence my life even after retirement.

You have a really unique platform- how did it begin?

There are a couple answers to this.

  1. I have been the subject of sexual objectification, harassment, poor body image, and self-deprication for most of my life.

  2. At the end of my college career, I went through what was probably the darkest time in my life. I was graduating before the rest of my friends, I didn’t get any of the professional jobs I auditioned and applied for, my main mentor/professor took a sabbatical for my final semester, I was in an emotionally devastating relationship, my grandmother passed away, I was diagnosed with skin cancer (for the first time), and was suffering from depression. At a time when my entire world was crumbling around me, and everything seemed out of my control, the one thing I COULD control was how well I took care of my body.

Between these two experiences, I started taking great interest in complete wellness: lifting, nutrition, mindfulness, spiritual health… anything that contributed to quality of life. When I decided to run for one more local pageant (that I ended up winning, which took me to Miss Iowa) I made it my platform, which is now called Ladies Who Lift.

What really excites you about lifting?

Personally, it’s just such a gratifying experience. I can’t explain the pride I feel when I look at my stats and think ‘wow – you really did that! You can squat 100 lbs over your body weight. You can do 10 strict, unbroken pull-ups. You can climb a rope like its your job!’ I love pushing my body to see what I’m capable of. God gave us these bodies to take care of while in our earthly lives; I want to make sure I serve this body to best of it’s ability, and explore everything God made it to be.

What are you most looking forward to for the rest of your reign?

Having a positive impact on people’s lives. I’ve been so blessed to hear from people who have taken the Ladies Who Lift mantra and applied it to their own lives. They think they have to thank me for everything I’ve done for them, but really, it’s my heart that is truly grateful. I’ve been given this job to serve others, and I intend to do so to the best of my ability!

What advice would you give to ladies competing for the first time?

Give more than you have, and you will have more than you give.

Miss San Luis Obispo County Scholarship Association Receives 501(c)(3) Non Profit Status

SAN LUIS OBISPO, CA, November 20, 2017:  The Miss San Luis Obispo County Scholarship Association is pleased to announce its new status as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. This status, granted by the Internal Revenue Service, will allow the organization to accept tax-deductible contributions that will further its mission of providing scholarship awards to San Luis Obispo County ladies ages 13-25.

“Receiving 501(c)(3) nonprofit status is a huge step forward for our committee,” said Ruth Wickham, executive director of the Miss San Luis Obispo County Scholarship Association.  “This status will not only allow us to seek tax-deductible contributions to grow our scholarship fund, but allow us to seek out grants that may help us in our long-term goal of providing $20,000 in scholarship assistance annually to the students of San Luis Obispo County.”

The first Miss San Luis Obispo County selected under the governance of MSLOCSA will receive a minimum $1,000 college scholarship, with $500 going to Miss San Luis Obispo County’s Outstanding Teen.  Additional scholarship awards will be awarded to each contestant that participates in the contest.  At the Miss California competition, Miss San Luis Obispo County will earn another $750 scholarship (minimum). The organization has set a goal of awarding a total of $5,000 to participants in its first year.

Tax-deductible contributions to the Miss San Luis Obispo County scholarship fund by visiting or emailing executive director Ruth Wickham at Miss San Luis Obispo County and Miss San Luis Obispo County’s Outstanding Teen will be selected on Saturday, February 3 at Cal Poly’s Spanos Theatre.

About the Miss San Luis Obispo County Scholarship Association

An all-volunteer, nonprofit organization (Tax ID Number 82-3175786), the Miss San Luis Obispo County Scholarship Association strives to provide scholarship money, professional development and community service opportunities to the young women of San Luis Obispo County.  A partner of Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, contestants raise important funds to help support treatment for sick children.  For more information please visit

A Healthy, Hearty Fall Breakfast with Nicole Renard, Miss Washington

Editor's note- before Nicole won the title of Miss Washington in her home state, she served her college community as Miss City of Orange! 


Something about the cold weather and the leaves changing makes me want to roast up some cinnamon apples and throw pumpkin in every single meal I make.

Luckily, pumpkin, cinnamon AND apples are healthy for you so load up your bowl and cozy on up to the fireplace. Fun little fact about cinnamon: Cinnamon actually helps you digest carbs better so I always throw some in with my oats whenever I’m making oatmeal.

In Washington we are known for our apples and around this time of year they are so crisp and juicy and perfect for a snack. My favorite is Honey Crisp and I chunk them up, coat them in brown sugar, cinnamon and nutmeg then sauté them in coconut oil making the most scrumptious oatmeal topping, yogurt add in or sometimes I just eat them plain with some Almond Butter! This time I threw them in my oatmeal to give it the sweetness it needed.


I’ve had this recipe on repeat all month because it’s so simple, takes less than 5 minutes and so incredibly delicious. It also makes for a super cute Instagram photo and lets be honest, we all want that photo for the grid right?!

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you… Pumpkin Peanut Butter Oats!


  • 1/3 cup GF or regular oats
  • 1/2 cup Silk Cashew Milk (or almond or regular)
  • 1/4 cup pumpkin Puree
  • couple shakes of cinnamon
  • little dash of chia seeds (optional, but why not?!)
  • 1/2 honey crisp apple
  • 1 heaping scoop of Crazy Richard’s Chunky Peanut Butter (THE BEST EVA)
  • an iPhone or other mobile device for taking pics (don’t forget to tag me;)


1.     Combine oats, milk and pumpkin in a mug or bowl and microwave for 1.5-2 minutes.

2.     Stir in cinnamon and chia seeds.

3.     Top with chopped apple and one blob of Crazy Richard’s Chunky Peanut Butter

4.     Take a beautiful pic of it with your phone and tag me on instagram using #DoStuff!

5.     ENJOY!!

I hope you enjoy this recipe. If you do, let me know!! I have tons of other yummy pumpkin recipes on my #DoStuff blog so check it out if you have a second and subscribe so you can get recipes and inspiration right in your inbox!

5 Questions with Miss California, Jillian Smith


Your cousins have all participated in the Miss America Organization- what specifically made you want to do it?

When I was five years old, I was at Miss California watching my oldest cousin compete. This was in 2000. During the competition, I fell in love with one of the contestants when she played the piano for her talent. Right then and there I decided I wanted to play piano and be just like her. Later that night, she was crowned Miss California 2000. So naturally, I decided I wanted to be Miss California someday. 


Best part of your competition years?

I don't think I have one specific part of competition that has happened to me in my nine years of competing. In all honesty, I would say the best thing that I could have ever gotten through competing (besides winning Miss California, of course), is all the times I lost. I've always said you learn a lot more by losing than you so by winning. I think by being able to recognize that as I've grown up competing in this organization is one of the best things I have gained. I've learned to take every loss and frustration that comes with it as motivation to don better the next time, and I think that's something that will benefit me for the rest of my life. 

Catch us up on a day in the life of Miss California

Everyday is different. Today, I spent the entire day at a middle school talking to the girls about the organization and about dude. be nice. I was there from 9-2:30 and spoke to every single female student, which was awesome. However, tomorrow I don't have anything scheduled, so I am making myself busy pursuing other possible appearances. Some days my schedule is packed, some days it's packed with me reaching out to different schools. But I always make sure that I'm doing my best to be as busy as I can, and be the best Miss California that I can. 

What are you most looking forward to in the next nine months of your reign?

One of the things that I said before I won is that if I ever did win, I wanted to go to as many local competitions as I possibly could. While I obviously want to meet the girls who are winning and will be competing at Miss California this summer, I also want to meet the girls who are trying over and over again just to get to the Miss California stage. I know more than anyone how hard the process can be, and I want to be there to remind the girls that if I can do it, literally anyone can. 

What would you say to someone on the fence about competing?


I would tell them to take the leap. It's always scary the first time you decide to do something you've never done before, but I can honestly say that I wouldn't be the person I am today without this organization. I have made some of my best friends in this organization, and I've gained skills that will help me for the rest of my life. There's a reason girls come back year after year. It is such a positive experience and I think anyone who is on the fence just needs to give it a try. 

Catching up with Mikaela Harris, Miss California's Outstanding Teen 2013


What have you been up to since your year as Miss California’s Outstanding Teen?

I graduated from high school and moved to Malibu. I’m studying public relations at Pepperdine and am looking to get into promotional events upon graduating. I’ve been taking some classes at the University of Hawaii over the past couple of summers, and in fall of 2016 I studied abroad in Buenos Aires. Oh and I’ve still been making music! Recently I’ve started producing which has been a super fun project.

Tell us a little about college life!

It’s the best. Pepperdine is a dream. It’s so cool to be surrounded by people who share a lot of the same goals and passions that I do. It seems like everyone here wants to get involved, so I’m definitely in the right place.

What made you compete at the local level?

My mom took me to several Miss Hawaii Pageants when I was a kid. I saw the girls onstage and I thought, “I can do that.”  The contestants seemed so regular and comfortable with themselves, so I just knew from a young age that I wanted to be a part of an organization that promoted that.


What would you say to girls who are thinking about competing?

Just go for it! I was definitely a rookie in the game when I won the state pageant, but I just learned as I went. Also, you don’t have to drop crazy amounts of money just to compete - just get creative. My local, state and national interview dresses were all from Kohl’s, and I reused old prom dresses for talent and eveningwear.

What’s next for Mikaela?

I’m gonna keep searching for new things to love and keep learning about the things that I already do. Lately I’ve been on a mission to meet as many people and go as many places as I can. I’m stoked that my future career in public relations lines up with that passion of mine so well. The mission has been such an unreal experience so far. I don’t think I’ll be slowing down anytime soon.

5 Ways to Celebrate National Coffee Day in San Luis Obispo County

Hours of work go into getting Miss San Luis Obispo County off the ground. Our faithful board and committee not only fulfill their traditional responsibilities with work, family, and friends, but generously give us their time as volunteers (remember, none of our group is paid for their work, we're a 100% volunteer organization). It's no surprise that we love coffee nearly as much as a Gilmore Girl. In honor of National Coffee Day, check out some of our favorite spots from around the county (in no particular order)!

Lucy's Coffee- 1279 Laurel Lane, SLO


Featuring retro meets mid-century modern decor, Lucy's regulars are huge fans of their seasonal loaded toasts such as Avocado, Goat Cheese, or even Peanut Butter Banana. Lucy's also takes the time to make their own syrups in house, and the quality shows. Next time you visit, try adding our favorite, the Cinnamon Brown Sugar.

Bru Coffeehouse- 5760 El Camino Real, Atascadero

Live music? Check. Gluten-free menu options? Check. Double shot espresso beverages standard? Check. If you find yourself in Atascadero like most of our committee often does, stop by Bru Coffeehouse. The indoor/outdoor seating options make for a comfortable caffeinate-while-you-work environment, and the service is top notch.

The Rock Espresso Bar- 275 Morro Bay Blvd., Morro Bay

Never had a Mexican Mocha? It's time to give one a try. The Rock Espresso Bar is famous for this chocolaty but not-too-sweet Mocha, which comes standard with four (4!) shots of espresso. The Rock also has a small but mighty food menu that features bagel sandwiches, burritos, and pastries. 

Scout Coffee- 1130 Garden Street or 880 Foothill Blvd., SLO


House made almond milk? Yep. You'll find it here, along with other special offerings like the California Cold Brew (cold brew coffee mixed with cold brew concentrate, half and half, and vanilla syrup), Affogato (fresh espresso over ice cream topped with chocolate shavings), and milkshakes that are perfect for little ones.

SLODoCo- 793 F Foothill Blvd., SLO

The team at SLODoCo knows that sometimes, a coffee and donut fix can't wait. That's why they're open 24 hours offering some of the most inventive donuts around. While they may be best known for their baked goods, their coffee selection cannot be overlooked, with fresh espresso offerings and Thai Milk Tea, as well as drip varieties. At the end of the day- what goes better together than coffee and a donut?



Competition Venue and Date Confirmed!

Our team is THRILLED to announce we've confirmed our venue and date for the 2018 Miss San Luis Obispo County + Miss San Luis Obispo County's Outstanding Teen competitions!

Please read the following press release for more information:

SAN LUIS OBISPO, CA, September 12, 2017:  San Luis Obispo County will field its first Miss California and Miss America preliminary contest in over 16 years on Saturday, February 3, 2018.  Open to women ages 13-25, the competition will be held at California Polytechnic State University’s Alex and Faye Spanos Theatre.

“Our organization is thrilled to offer young women the opportunity to represent our beautiful county at Miss California and Miss California’s Outstanding Teen,” said Ruth Wickham, executive director of the Miss San Luis Obispo County Scholarship Association.  “San Luis Obispo is home to talented, intelligent, community minded people.  We look forward to not only highlighting those qualities, but rewarding them with scholarship opportunities.”

The new Miss San Luis Obispo County is expected to earn a minimum $1,000 college scholarship, with $500 projected for the winner of Miss San Luis Obispo County’s Outstanding Teen.  Additional scholarship awards will be awarded to each contestant that participates in the contest.  At the state competition, Miss San Luis Obispo County will earn another $750 scholarship (minimum).  Cal Poly student Jillian Smith (representing Yosemite Valley) won the 2017 Miss California crown and a $25,000 scholarship this summer.

Miss San Luis Obispo County (ages 18-25) and Miss San Luis Obispo County’s Outstanding Teen (ages 13-17) are open to eligible residents of San Luis Obispo County and full time students at either Cal Poly San Luis Obispo or Cuesta College.

About the Miss San Luis Obispo County Scholarship Association:

An all-volunteer organization (IRS 501(c)(3) status pending), the Miss San Luis Obispo County Scholarship Association strives to provide scholarship money, professional development and community service opportunities to the young women of San Luis Obispo County.  A partner of Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, contestants raise important funds to help support treatment for sick children.  For more information please visit

5 Questions with Vivacious Beauty's Jamie O'Farrell


How long have you been spray tanning? What makes your process/services different than others?

I have been air brush tanning for four years. I started the business as a safe alternative to getting that summer glow without the harmful rays.  As someone that has always loved the sun and being tan, as I got older I began to see the damage all the sun exposure was causing. I can't change what has already been done but I can protect my family as well as educate others on the importance of protecting their skin. What makes my air brush tanning experience different than others? An air brush tan is an up close and personal experience. It is normal for clients to feel uncomfortable, self conscious and sometimes want to walk right back out the door. My goal is to make you forget that you are standing in my tent, exposed and uncomfortable. I want every one of my clients to know they are beautiful and that their air brush tan is just going to enhance that natural beauty. I want them to walk out of the salon feeling confident, amazing and ready to conquer the world. And most importantly, I want them to know my clients become my family. I continue to stay educated in my trade, networking with others in the business as well as hands on training.


Any tips for getting a top notch tan?

Ohhhhh yes! The prep 24 hours before your tan is key to a beautiful, flawless tan. Walk in appointments are not recommended for air brush tans due to the importance of prepping the skin. When a client books with me, they receive a confirmation with a detailed To Do list. Shower, shave and exfoliate are the top three prep instructions. Along with that is what products to not use with an air brush tan, when its best to get your manicures/pedicures, what to wear to your appointment, what to wear after as well as other suggestions that will help you get the most out of your tan. At your appointment we will discuss skin type, skin tone, concerns, past air brush tan experiences and your expectations for your tan that day.

You recently rebranded from Central Coast Wedding Tanner to Vivacious Beauty with Jamie- can you tell us a little more about the switch?

Four years in business includes trial and error, learning, changing, growing and doing what I feel is best for my business to thrive. I recently made some changes to the business including changing the name. Although a large percentage of my clientele are brides to be, brides, bridesmaids and moms of the bride and groom, I felt that I may be limiting myself as others searching for an air brush tanner may think I solely tan for weddings. I took a risk changing the business name but as a business primarily built on referrals and a variety of clients ranging from high school students, body builders. moms, models and senior citizens, I was confident that word would spread quickly along with my YouTube channel and social media accounts. Why Vivacious Beauty? Vivacious is to be full of life, in good spirits and lively in an attractive manner. I LOVE that and as soon as I read the definition I knew that was perfect.

Other than a great glow, what's your go-to beauty secret that you can't do without?

Check the ingredients in your products! There are SO many harmful ingredients used in our skin care and makeup in the U.S. It only takes 26 seconds for toxins in our products to enter our blood stream. Imagine the damage after continuous use over a long period of time. There are apps you can download that can help you check your products and find you the safest options for you. Also, wash your makeup off every night and moisturize. Sleeping in it ages you and causes early wrinkles. Love the skin your in.

What attracted you to the Miss San Luis Obispo County Organization?

Young woman empowering young woman? That's amazing and not enough of that in our world today. As a mom of four and one being a pre-teen daughter, I want her to grow up to be a strong, independent woman that knows she is capable of anything she puts her mind to. That she CAN make this world a kinder, more beautiful place. Miss San Luis Obispo County represents all of that. Strength, beauty, education and empowerment. I feel that my passion for uplifting others and helping them feel beautiful and confident goes hand in hand with Miss San Luis Obispo County and I am so excited and honored to share in this adventure.

Top 5 Reasons to Compete at Miss San Luis Obispo County

Miss San Luis Obispo County is back in early 2018! Wondering why you should sign up today? Follow along as we give you five of our *favorite* reasons to become involved with us and the Miss California Organization

image1 (5).JPG

1. The Sisterhood

There's a saying at Miss California and Miss America- the friends you make here are likely the girls who will stand by your side on your wedding day. The same is true for Miss San Luis Obispo County! Ready to meet smart, talented, driven, community-minded, stylish women just like you? You'll find them here. Sure, you might think that girls who compete in our program are catty or self-centered, but you'll find the opposite to be true. These women are some of the best and brightest in our area, and we'd be honored to count you as one of them!

image1 (6).JPG

2. Perform your talent

Maybe you've been singing since you could talk, or perhaps you've been dancing since you were in diapers. Either way, you've grown to love your performing art and love to share it with the world. Let Miss San Luis Obispo County be your chance to share your talent a little more! Our competition includes a 90 second talent segment worth 30% of your total score. We've seen dancers, singers, ventriloquists, instrumentalists, speed painters, actors, aerialists- the sky is the limit as long as it can be performed on stage!


3. Interview Skills

Want to be comfortable speaking in front of a group? Being interviewed on TV or in film? Or maybe you already are...

However comfortable you are in an interview situation, Miss San Luis Obispo County will help you improve your public speaking skills so that you can effectively share your thoughts, feelings, and passions with the world at large!

Screen Shot 2017-08-29 at 12.45.40 PM.png

4. Community Service

Love to help others and enjoy being involved in San Luis Obispo County? This is the perfect opportunity for you! 

Miss San Luis Obispo County is an official spokesperson for the Children's Miracle Network and our local affiliate hospital Cottage Children's. Throughout the year, our contestants and winner will raise money for CMN Hospitals and advocate for top patient care for our county's children. Not only that, but Miss San Luis Obispo County also has a community service platform that is near and dear to her heart. Examples of platforms include causes like the Alzheimer's Association, The ASPCA, Charity: Water, Veteran's Advocacy, and more! Whatever cause pulls at your heartstrings is the perfect choice for your community service platform.

5. Style

Rompers? Gowns? Cocktail Dresses? The trendiest outfit from the cutest boutique? Check. Check. Check and CHECK. Whatever looks you love to rock, Miss San Luis Obispo County gives you an avenue to show off your personal sense of style! We're looking for someone who enjoys putting together their favorite ensembles and sharing them via social media, while at an appearance, and on a normal day out and about in the beautiful Central Coast of California! Not so fashion inclined? Fret not, we're here to help! You never know how your styling skills will grow as you expand your horizons!