5 Questions With Social Light Design's Alexa Rogers


How did you learn about the Miss America Organization? 

One of my besties, and fellow Miss San Luis Obispo County sponsor (with Shiki) Whitney Ford is is the person who deserves ALL the credit for me knowing anything about the Miss America Organization. She and I worked together in Arizona at a social media and marketing/branding company, and immediately fell in love (much to the annoyance of our male boss). We even matched our outfits for work! Long story short, she basically hard core recruited me to compete – and it only took her two years of convincing, pleading, and bribing. I finally competed for Miss Phoenix in 2014, and immediately fell in love with the Miss America Organization just like I did with Whitney (you could say I fall hard and fall fast).  The service aspect really stole my heart and set the Miss America Organization above all others in my eyes. So – all thanks to Whitney’s support, coaching, and guidance I went on to win Miss Phoenix, and later that year won Miss Arizona (who would’ve thought?!). To this day, I am still very involved with the Miss America organization – I help consult the Miss Arizona Organization’s social media, I’m a Miss Arizona and Miss San Luis Obispo County sponsor, I co-emcee the Miss Phoenix/Scottsdale/Maricopa County pageant, and I keep in touch with all of the girls in my class from Miss America!


Tell us a little about Social Light Design

Social Light Design is my little side hustle. I have always loved graphic design, and after my Miss America Class Reunion in June 2016 where I made 12 geofilters for our weekend reunion, my girl Kira Kazantsev said I HAD to start an Etsy shop selling geofilters since they were so cute and not too many people were doing that yet. So I started a little Etsy shop and it has sort of taken off from there! I never expected so many people to order Snapchat Geofilters! I have expanded a little since then, and now do other custom designs as well – like wedding logos, business cards, etc. – but my main items are custom Snapchat Geofilters. It’s truly a passion of mine to be able to bring someone’s design dreams to life, and getting to do that on Snapchat makes it that much more fun and unique!

How did you get started?

Having a background in social media marketing and graphic design made my little business rather easy to start. Plus with everything now available online these days, Etsy made starting a company and having an online marketplace super easy! Plus, it’s the best way for people to find me and be able to design exactly what they need for their event!


What’s your favorite part of the Miss America Organization?

The sisterhood! It’s so great to meet and get to know so many powerful women that are all interested in the same values – education, serving our community, and having style while doing it all! I am the woman I am today much thanks to the women I have met in this organization. Such an empowering female community to be apart of where everyone builds each other up rather than tear each other down.  

Why did you decide to sponsor Miss San Luis Obispo County?

I love helping out any way I can in the Miss America Organization, and it’s just an added bonus that my little passion project Social Light Design gets some extra exposure to help bring custom Snapchat Geofilters to those in need ;)