Get to Know Miss California's Outstanding Teen Violet Hansen!


What was going through your mind when you won Miss California's Outstanding Teen?

When they called my name as Miss California’s Outstanding Teen I was just so happy! I had worked so hard and long for this goal and I was just so thrilled that all my hard work paid off.

This wasn't your first trip to the state competition- how many times did you compete prior to winning?

This was my third trip to Miss California’s Outstanding Teen. In January 2015, I entered my first pageant ever, Miss Sacramento County's Outstanding Teen. I was very honored to win that title and compete for the first time at Miss California’s Outstanding Teen. I placed in the top 12 and learned so much. In 2016, they still offered appointed titles, so my local director appointed me Miss City of Sacramento's Outstanding Teen. That was my second trip to Miss California Outstanding Teen and I was very happy to place in the top 15. In 2017, I competed in the first open pageant of the season, Miss Central California’s Outstanding Teen and was thrilled to win that title and head back to Miss California’s Outstanding Teen for the third time.


How much scholarship money have you won? What are your plans for it?

I have won $18,250 in scholarship money through Miss America's Outstanding Teen and Miss California's Outstanding Teen. I will be using the scholarship money for college. I plan on majoring in musical theater and I'm in the process of applying to colleges right now.

What made you keep coming back?

I kept competing for the title of Miss California's Outstanding Teen for several reasons. First, because I wanted to win and represent California as a state title holder. Second, I enjoy training for a pageant because it helps me become the best I can be. Practicing my talent, interview skills, physical fitness, working with my platform, and getting the best grades I can are all wonderful things to work on. Third, I really enjoy being a titleholder and attending events. I love being active in my community, meeting all kinds of people and being a role model especially to young girls.

What's your best piece of advice for girls considering competing in a local competition?

My advice would be to- go for it. Whether you win or not you will grow as a person in many ways. I would also encourage anyone who is competing this year to start preparing now by practicing your talent and doing push-ups every day.