5 Questions with Vivacious Beauty's Jamie O'Farrell


How long have you been spray tanning? What makes your process/services different than others?

I have been air brush tanning for four years. I started the business as a safe alternative to getting that summer glow without the harmful rays.  As someone that has always loved the sun and being tan, as I got older I began to see the damage all the sun exposure was causing. I can't change what has already been done but I can protect my family as well as educate others on the importance of protecting their skin. What makes my air brush tanning experience different than others? An air brush tan is an up close and personal experience. It is normal for clients to feel uncomfortable, self conscious and sometimes want to walk right back out the door. My goal is to make you forget that you are standing in my tent, exposed and uncomfortable. I want every one of my clients to know they are beautiful and that their air brush tan is just going to enhance that natural beauty. I want them to walk out of the salon feeling confident, amazing and ready to conquer the world. And most importantly, I want them to know my clients become my family. I continue to stay educated in my trade, networking with others in the business as well as hands on training.


Any tips for getting a top notch tan?

Ohhhhh yes! The prep 24 hours before your tan is key to a beautiful, flawless tan. Walk in appointments are not recommended for air brush tans due to the importance of prepping the skin. When a client books with me, they receive a confirmation with a detailed To Do list. Shower, shave and exfoliate are the top three prep instructions. Along with that is what products to not use with an air brush tan, when its best to get your manicures/pedicures, what to wear to your appointment, what to wear after as well as other suggestions that will help you get the most out of your tan. At your appointment we will discuss skin type, skin tone, concerns, past air brush tan experiences and your expectations for your tan that day.

You recently rebranded from Central Coast Wedding Tanner to Vivacious Beauty with Jamie- can you tell us a little more about the switch?

Four years in business includes trial and error, learning, changing, growing and doing what I feel is best for my business to thrive. I recently made some changes to the business including changing the name. Although a large percentage of my clientele are brides to be, brides, bridesmaids and moms of the bride and groom, I felt that I may be limiting myself as others searching for an air brush tanner may think I solely tan for weddings. I took a risk changing the business name but as a business primarily built on referrals and a variety of clients ranging from high school students, body builders. moms, models and senior citizens, I was confident that word would spread quickly along with my YouTube channel and social media accounts. Why Vivacious Beauty? Vivacious is to be full of life, in good spirits and lively in an attractive manner. I LOVE that and as soon as I read the definition I knew that was perfect.

Other than a great glow, what's your go-to beauty secret that you can't do without?

Check the ingredients in your products! There are SO many harmful ingredients used in our skin care and makeup in the U.S. It only takes 26 seconds for toxins in our products to enter our blood stream. Imagine the damage after continuous use over a long period of time. There are apps you can download that can help you check your products and find you the safest options for you. Also, wash your makeup off every night and moisturize. Sleeping in it ages you and causes early wrinkles. Love the skin your in.

What attracted you to the Miss San Luis Obispo County Organization?

Young woman empowering young woman? That's amazing and not enough of that in our world today. As a mom of four and one being a pre-teen daughter, I want her to grow up to be a strong, independent woman that knows she is capable of anything she puts her mind to. That she CAN make this world a kinder, more beautiful place. Miss San Luis Obispo County represents all of that. Strength, beauty, education and empowerment. I feel that my passion for uplifting others and helping them feel beautiful and confident goes hand in hand with Miss San Luis Obispo County and I am so excited and honored to share in this adventure.

Top 5 Reasons to Compete at Miss San Luis Obispo County

Miss San Luis Obispo County is back in early 2018! Wondering why you should sign up today? Follow along as we give you five of our *favorite* reasons to become involved with us and the Miss California Organization

image1 (5).JPG

1. The Sisterhood

There's a saying at Miss California and Miss America- the friends you make here are likely the girls who will stand by your side on your wedding day. The same is true for Miss San Luis Obispo County! Ready to meet smart, talented, driven, community-minded, stylish women just like you? You'll find them here. Sure, you might think that girls who compete in our program are catty or self-centered, but you'll find the opposite to be true. These women are some of the best and brightest in our area, and we'd be honored to count you as one of them!

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2. Perform your talent

Maybe you've been singing since you could talk, or perhaps you've been dancing since you were in diapers. Either way, you've grown to love your performing art and love to share it with the world. Let Miss San Luis Obispo County be your chance to share your talent a little more! Our competition includes a 90 second talent segment worth 30% of your total score. We've seen dancers, singers, ventriloquists, instrumentalists, speed painters, actors, aerialists- the sky is the limit as long as it can be performed on stage!


3. Interview Skills

Want to be comfortable speaking in front of a group? Being interviewed on TV or in film? Or maybe you already are...

However comfortable you are in an interview situation, Miss San Luis Obispo County will help you improve your public speaking skills so that you can effectively share your thoughts, feelings, and passions with the world at large!

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4. Community Service

Love to help others and enjoy being involved in San Luis Obispo County? This is the perfect opportunity for you! 

Miss San Luis Obispo County is an official spokesperson for the Children's Miracle Network and our local affiliate hospital Cottage Children's. Throughout the year, our contestants and winner will raise money for CMN Hospitals and advocate for top patient care for our county's children. Not only that, but Miss San Luis Obispo County also has a community service platform that is near and dear to her heart. Examples of platforms include causes like the Alzheimer's Association, The ASPCA, Charity: Water, Veteran's Advocacy, and more! Whatever cause pulls at your heartstrings is the perfect choice for your community service platform.

5. Style

Rompers? Gowns? Cocktail Dresses? The trendiest outfit from the cutest boutique? Check. Check. Check and CHECK. Whatever looks you love to rock, Miss San Luis Obispo County gives you an avenue to show off your personal sense of style! We're looking for someone who enjoys putting together their favorite ensembles and sharing them via social media, while at an appearance, and on a normal day out and about in the beautiful Central Coast of California! Not so fashion inclined? Fret not, we're here to help! You never know how your styling skills will grow as you expand your horizons!